Welcome to our home, welcome to Palazzo Cerù, a XVI century building placed in the historic heart of Verona, between the cathedral church (Duomo) and Ponte Pietra, the fascinating old stone bridge near Teatro Romano.

In this location, a true cultural heritage of the noteworthy past ages of the city, you will find a special hospitality for your journey. The rooms are charming with a classic feel. The salon is wide and comfortable. The interior of the house is adorned with inspiring prints letting your imagination fly far away from our times.

Whether you are looking for the romantic atmosphere of Romeo and Juliet, or for the unique experience of listening to lyric operas in the amazing Arena theater, here you will find willingness and courtesy in a friendly and elegant context.

Quiet ambience with vintage appeal and a typical Italian breakfast: please, don’t miss it, we will be glad to share our personal lifestyle with you.


This is a timeless place, we hope you will enjoy it.