• I live alone, alone... in my white tiny room: I look upon the roofs and sky; but when the thaw comes... the first sun is mine... April's first kiss is mine! Mimì, Act I, Scene I

  • What a frozen little hand, let me warm it for you. What's the use of looking? We won't find it in the dark. But luckily it's a moonlit night, and the moon is near us here... Rodolfo, Act I, Scene I

It’s joyous and a little bit twee with the intense red wrought-iron headboard. It’s warm and comfortable, thanks to the oak wood floor and the stylish white furniture. The room has a window facing the internal courtyard and a complete private bathroom including a shower box.

With its delicate gracefulness we like to imagine that this could be the ‘white tiny room’ of the La Bohème’s main character. Please, take a look to the gallery if you like to see further images. (*)



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