The salon is ready to greet our guests for the breakfast. The white tables are a nice counterpoint to the decorated early ’900 floor. You can hear the sound of the Duomo tower bells while the morning light gently spreads inside the room through the windows blending into the light of the bright roof chandeliers. In this ambience, it’s pleasing to start the day and we do our best to offer you a good sweet selection of the typical Italian flavours.

Breakfast is served between 8.00 and 10.00 or otherwise if agreed. Here you will find a fine espresso coffee, cappuccino, milk and tea, toasted bread with butter and jam, seasonal fruits and freshly squeezed orange juice together with some biscuits, little cakes, cornflakes, muesli and yogurt. Feel free to let us know if you have any special need. (Please, kindly note that, in accordance with the law, we can’t serve cooked food like eggs, bacon and the like).

Don’t miss the photo gallery to discover some additional details of the room arrangement by clicking on the top main picture.

For your further convenience, a Wi-Fi internet connection can be enabled at breakfast time or upon request. Anyway we like to inform you that, outside the palace, the city is mostly covered by the public free ‘Guglielmo’   service.



Throughout the day you can easily find someone reading a book or playing chess in this room and you can always look at our exclusive pigment prints, showing some characteristic corners of the city in black & white. These prints are crafted with care by Andrea Bari as part of his ‘Timeless Verona’ portfolio.